Changeling Jestre eye for Jestrebutt

You’re awesome! Thank you! 8D


Changeling Jestre eye for Jestrebutt

You’re awesome! Thank you! 8D


To the Bronies making anthro characters:



You’ve accepted your true identities.

Welcome to the furry fandom.

…What about those who (In rp’s) use anthro characters because it angers the fuck out of them because when a horse picks something up IT IS DOING THE IMPOSSIBLE. ITS A FUCKING PONY, IT DOESN’T HAVE HANDS.

So people…

 actually, anthro doesn’t mean I’m furry at all. anthro just means I want my character to have a body, that I am familiar with.

I was being facetious, jeez. :|

To the Bronies making anthro characters:

You’ve accepted your true identities.

Welcome to the furry fandom.

Just a fun little return on YouTube. :D

Postcards For Ants, Lorraine Loots

Well, this gives a new meaning to drawing minimalism.

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Album Art



Taking a piss is kinda hard when a bunch of animatronics are trying to kill you

(Mike and art by rebornica)

(Chica voiced by Nifaux)


*tempted to do a re-record as Mike*

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TitleMike goes to the Bathroom

Anonymous asked: i just gonna ask here because i don't think jitters is gonna see it and answer it so I'm gonna ask you. i see this account on youtube called mop water fire and she uses discord whooves from jitters. i know it's jitters dissy because he's was the same tardis background, same jack that her OC is dating, and jack with the same outfit that he was wearing in the blog. but people seem to think that she was the one who made dissy. she calls the mini series, "living in the tardis."

Got a new, actual pop filter for my mic for a little under $20!



So much better than a sock over the mic. Now for clean recordings! :D

Aren’t you supposed to place the sock around a coat hanger warped into a circle, between you and the mic?

I wanted something official without me needing to hold it up all the time while acting. It’s an option, but I wanted something higher budget. XD

I thought we learned since Melee.

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So I was wondering why so many people were quoting “Baby Got Back,” cutting it off at “My anaconda don’t.”



Then I searched on YouTube to find out Nicki Minaj made a half-assed remix, essentially “re-rapping” about the sociological female image. (It could be a clever satire, but it sure doesn’t look it.)

Now I wish I could retract my view.

It’s not what I’d consider good sampling if you’re using huge chunks of the song and using stock plug-ins. That song felt like a bad Sonic “OC.”

It makes me tempted to reuse the instrumentals of someone else’s song, add some plug-ins, different or similar lyrics, some filters, and then call it music.

You can go ahead and like it, but that’s my opinion of distaste on the quality of the pop music industry for how it can be sometimes.

Now to see whose instrumentals I can steal and make millions.

But Jestre, everyhing is remakes nowadays, Iphones, Call of Duty, Movies, even TV shows, all rehashed of older releases

Well, time do some remixes and give lyrics to instrumental songs! (Though doing remixes may give me a better understanding of music theory.)